Manex export-import

9“Manex” is a modern company that offers great portfolio of lights for residential and business premises, with modern and decorative designs. Our main aim is to bring the worldly renowned European companies for production of lights in our country, taking the role of their representatives. In the period of our long existence on the market we have transformed our ordinary stores into showrooms that offer a variety of lights. As a result of the precisely pointed business targets “Manex” permanently and securely develops and follows market trends and requirements.

In order to light Your home or garden, or your business premises in compliance with your desires and needs, ask us for the best solution and we’ll offer You the products that perfectly suit Your needs.
We offer lights with good quality and popular prices, but also products that embed the future technology of the lighting. Following the modern trends we change the traditional lights with bulb fibers with new Power led lights. To our customers we offer a possibility to buy lighting accessories with modern design for their kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, play-rooms and other rooms in their homes, as well as accessories for outdoor lighting.

With our highly professional sales team we attempt to approach the contemporary methods and solutions, so that the clients would make their home more appropriate living places. Following the world trends, we alter our offer of traditional lights fiber bulbs with. New Power led lights. These trends are also followed by the European companies that we represent, such as: Philips, Massive, Ozcan, Cazaluce, Vito, Effe glass, Ego etc. Therefore we use professionally designed catalogues, internet sites of the business companies that will help the customers to reflect their styles through designing their homes with various lights, having a possibility to make individual choice about the color and lighting effects.
All of our products have marked standard and they meet the ISO-standards. We always have clear business vision, following the culture of cooperation and innovation, we try to think in a creative way, what we hope will make the employees to build team structure among themselves and afterwards with the customers and business partners.
It will enable our clients and business partners, including the architects, to follow the innovations and investments in searching for new ways of designing the spaces with lights, which in their essence have the led revolution. Focusing ourselves on improvement and further development we develop cross-border cooperation. We constantly follow the European trends and determine ourselves “timeframes” and attracting “continuous prices” i.e. discount of the prices of the actual commodities that shall be changed with newer, high-designed lights with better quality. It enables us to offer new products as soon as possible.

Extra part referring to installation and types of lights

We offer products for indoor and outdoor lighting of residential and business facilities. We present a highly qualified team that consists of persons who offer services (salesmen), electricians, persons in charge of installation, who provide perfect lightening, using modernly designed lights that comprise bulbs produced according to the contemporary technologies. We offer normal fiber bulbs which electricity consumption is great, economic ones and also Power led bulbs. Economic bulbs spend lower amount of electricity and their electricity consumption and lightening in comparison to the normal bulbs is 5:1. Contemporary Power led bulbs spend 10 times less electricity and produce light that is that much stronger than the normal bulb.


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